Embrace BYOD with a simple and straightforward mobility solution.

Enterprise App Store

Improve employee productivity through helping them discover the right apps.

  • Security
  • Standardization

Enterprise Content Store

Get content to your employees when and where they need it by enabling mobile access to businesses content on the go.

  • Productivity
  • Ease of use

3 simple steps to enterprise mobility

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Create and Share

Create your own Enterprise Store in minutes, fill it with approved apps and content and share with your employees.

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Customize and Secure

Secure your store with enterprise authentication. Share content and apps to the right people.

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Mobilise Business Process

Create your own apps in hours. Turn a business process into an app, and allow your employees to work from anywhere, anytime.

Build your own Enterprise Mobility Solution in 3 minutes.

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Their phone, your peace of mind.

5app Dashboard

The dashboard is your control panel. It's an administrative interface for adding apps and content and controlling access. Use the dashboard to recommend apps, deploy content, or turn on the build service and create a something new from scratch.


They already use apps, now they use the right apps.

5app Store

Their device, your store. Make it easy for employees to find the apps and content they need to stay productive, whilst keeping company data private. It's simple, it's quick, it's an app your employees will feel comfortable with, right from the start.


Your IT department may push for new, awesome titles!

5app Build Service

Say goodbye to "There isn't an app for that" and turn your web developers, into yes developers. The Build Service converts basic web code into apps, which means mobilizing a business process takes just hours!


Keep private data, private.

5app Authentication

Secure your Enterprise Store and Build Service apps with 5app Authentication. Choose from a selection of simple and enterprise authentication methods, and restrict access to only authorised employees.

Unlock single sign-on (SSO) by integrating with Active Directory, so if an employee leaves, or loses their phone, you can ensure private data stays private.

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